GREAT WORK! Ken is a brilliant actor and acting teacher, director, dialect coach, and movement teacher... he’s everything!
Ken is an inventive, compassionate, versatile, and energetic teacher and performer. His knowledge is deep, his skills are sharp, and he is constantly striving to improve his work. He has strength and power both as an actor and as a teacher. There are few teachers who have as keen an understanding of the relationship between the actor’s body, voice, and inner life.
— Moni Yakim (Creator of the Movement Programs at Juilliard & Yale, Author of CREATING A CHARACTER)
Since I started working with Ken, I have begun booking jobs significantly more often and I believe it is a direct result of his coaching. Ken’s teaching is hands down the best training I’ve gotten in New York. I’ve watched countless actors in his class shed bad habits, develop the game-changing skill of knowing how to rehearse, and create grounded, truthful, and deeply personal performances, no matter the style or medium. Ken is an exceptionally gifted teacher who has affected my work profoundly, and I recommend him every chance I get.
— Kathryn Merry (ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK, Aquila Theatre Company, Northern Stage, La Jolla Playhouse, GUIDING LIGHT)
Unlike many acting coaches that impose a particular methodology onto every actor, Ken has an intuitive ability to figure out - and capitalize on - the way in which each individual accesses, harnesses, and shares his or her own imagination. He is the one person I consistently recommend to actors who are looking to improve their work by deepening both their own emotional accessibility and specificity of thought. Nobody I have ever met does this better than Ken Schatz.
— Andrus Nichols (The Rainmaker, Ivo van Hove's A View From the Bridge, BEDLAM's Sense and Sensibility/The Seagull and Saint Joan/Hamlet. Lucille Lortel Award nominee, Helen Hayes award nominee.)
Ken Schatz is one of the BEST acting teachers. Hands down. It doesn’t matter whether you are just starting out or have been working for years, Ken is the key to developing a strong and healthy set of skills that will help your career morph into what you always dreamed it would be.
— Samantha Steinmetz (27 Wagons Full of Cotton, Wild Girl Waltz, BEDLAM's Sense and Sensibility/The Seagull and Saint Joan/Hamlet.)
After several frustrating years of stagnation as an actor, Ken helped me break through impasses and begin to do work with depth and truth. For the first time, I find I am able to bring my successes in the classroom out into the “real world” of auditions and performance. Ken’s insight into the creative process, his patience, and the high standards he sets for both himself and his students make him the best acting coach and teacher in New York.
Ken is a fantastic coach. His one-on-one sessions give you the tools to do your best in every audition. He doesn’t stop until you are prepared!
— Vanessa Quijas (THE SOPRANOS, LAW & ORDER: SVU)
Ken is a tremendously compassionate teacher who knows just what to say at just the right time to get the best out of everyone. A physical, vocal, and mental acrobat of astonishing versatility and intelligence, he has a deep understanding of the actors process. He is one of the best directors I have ever worked with his patience and humor seem inexhaustible! When you call Ken, you know youll get only the best.
— Marcus Weiss (Blue Man Group, ALL MY CHILDREN, Naked Angels Theatre Company)
Ken is the reason I’m a working actor in New York City! His instruction and motivation have landed me jobs time and time again. If you need an acting coach, look no further.
Ken’s boundless energy and enthusiasm for his work make him a superior teacher. By showing his students the utmost respect and encouragement, he inspires the best kind of creativity: focused yet free, challenging yet fun. There isn’t a better person to take artistic risks with than Ken Schatz.
Working with Ken has reminded me of why I fell in love with acting in the first place! Ken’s passion and enthusiasm are infectious, and his direction is astute and to the point. He inspires you to give your best performance!
— Anna Hayman (Clubbed Thumb Theatre Company, The Bat Theatre Company)
Ken is great! Even as he teaches you how to take your physical and vocal instrument seriously, he makes you laugh, and laughter frees up the voice!
— Amo Gulinello (Cirque du Soleil, De La Guarda, THE OBJECT OF MY AFFECTION)
Ken has this wonderful enthusiasm for what you, the student, can achieve next! It is hard to find someone as talented and dedicated to the art of acting... on the desert island of acting, I’d take Ken!
— Rhonda Dodd (Circle in the Square, Hamptons Shakespeare Festival)
Our students’ positive reaction to Ken’s teaching has been overwhelming! He is always a pleasure to work with, consistently displaying a rich talent and wonderful interaction with actors and directors alike. Ken’s outstanding work as an artist and teacher, and my experience with him as a professional colleague support my belief that he truly knows quality theatre education, and has a tremendous gift for this work.
— E. Colin OLeary (Executive Director, Circle in the Square Theatre School, Board Member, Commission on Accreditation, National Association of Schools of Theatre)
You made me a singer! I can’t thank you enough!
Ken doesn’t stamp his students with his method, he helps them find the approaches that work for them, and his joy at discovery is contagious. A lot of teachers can tell you how to fix a scene. Rare is the teacher that can teach you to tell yourself how to fix a scene. Creativity and inspiration are self-replenishing, and nowhere is this more true than in Ken’s classroom. And outside of it. The learning doesn’t start and stop with Ken, he just gives it a good head start. His depth of knowledge of acting approaches commands my respect, his speed and precision in absorbing and transmitting the information of useful experience invokes my awe, and his passion and humanity in teaching inspire my loyalty.
— Dan Truman (RESCUE ME, TOM & FRANCIE, CHAPPELLE'S SHOW, NYU Tisch School of the Arts)
This level of excellence and professionalism is incredibly rare! With support and freedom, Ken encourages each actor to fly!
— Rebekah Jacobs (THE SCARLET PIMPERNEL, Theatreworks USA)